Jessica Mascher LMT &  Perinatal Services #MA60468033

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Traveling Doula/Nanny Services

Traveling with a brand new baby can be quite a twist on a vacation. There is so much more to pack, sleep schedules to plan around, older siblings to tend to, and sometimes there just doesn't feel like there's enough hands to go around. This is where a traveling doula/nanny comes in!
As your traveling doula, as with any doula job, I am there for the needs of you and your family. I care for your child(ren) so you have the flexibility of outings not dependent on sleep schedules and child-friendly environments, and offer an additional set of hands for those events that do. 
Cost of this service includes full coverage of room and travel fare as well as an additional hourly rate on agreed upon care times. References are available upon request.