Jessica Mascher LMT &  Perinatal Services #MA60468033

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I approach my work with a very holistic perspective. What lead me into a career in body work is the belief that people need to be cared for their entire being, not just what "hurts." My touch is very intuitive, slow, and focused. I work superficial to deep, while always staying within your comfort zone. It is my believe that if you cannot breath steadily through a stroke then it is not of benefit or fulfilling the purpose of getting the muscle to release. Massage should not take your breath away! I provide extra attention to the areas of the body that need it, while still addressing the surrounding areas with the intention of attaining balance throughout the entire body.

I provide massage services to those in the perinatal period; throughout pregnancy and up to three months postpartum. 

I graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage in Seattle, WA in 2014 and currently practice at my office located in the Old Rainier Building building in Sodo. I provide relaxation, treatment, pre and postnatal, cupping, gua sha, full chest/breast massage, and intraoral massage. I work in a specific manner, easing through the multiple layers of tissue. I do NOT do the "go as hard as you can and beat me up!" style. 

Expect homework! Our work as massage therapists has more long-lasting results when the client is willing to do their homework. I provide my clients with suggestions of stretches, various heat therapies, and lifestyle considerations that I believe could assist in bringing the relief you are looking for


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