Jessica Mascher LMT &  Perinatal Services #MA60468033

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* Covid Update as of June 21, 2020: Due to the increase of Covid cases in recent days I have closed off the option of online booking. Please email me directly if you're interested in coming in for a session. 


Urban Worklofts

918 S. Horton St. #310

Seattle, WA 

*Dial 310 from any call box in the parking garage when you arrive. Then come to the 3rd floor and wait at the couches.

*Please call me if you have an urgent need and wish to schedule a massage within the following 24 hours 503-737-8668. 


Payment due at time of service. I accept card, HSA cards, cash, and checks.

You are responsible for paying the fee in full if you: choose to cancel your appointment within 24 hours of scheduled time or are late and have a shortened service due to being late. 

Gift certificates are available!