Jessica Mascher LMT &  Perinatal Services #MA60468033

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Quotes Best professional massage I've ever had! Jessica has such a calming, soothing presence and touch, and I felt completely at ease with her. I am so used to waking up every morning with lots of stiffness and lower back pain, but the day after my massage, I woke up with no pain. I didn't know that was possible! I can't wait for my next massage with Jessica. Quotes
Erin G.

Quotes Jessica is wonderful massage therapist. I've had many massages where the therapist basically just asks me where I'm sore and then goes to work. Jessica and I had not only a conversation about the state of my body as a whole, but what stresses in my life were contributing to how I was feeling physically. She both incredibly professional and warm, and the work she did through the massage to relieve the tension in my body (particularly my upper back) stayed with me for days. After the massage we had another conversation about ways to stretch and how to be gentle with my body, particularly in the areas that I had been experiencing the most discomfort. Jessica is an incredibly skilled massage therapist, and I can't recommend her highly enough! Quotes

Quotes Jessica is, by far, the best massage therapist that I have ever encountered. She is calming, thorough and knowledgable. I have had pretty terrible muscle pain from tension and injuries for years, and I did not want anyone to touch me for awhile so it went untreated. Then my partner suggested Jessica and I felt safe and comfortable with her immediately, and my chronic muscle pain is nearly gone. I highly recommend giving her a try. Quotes

Quotes When I first met Jessica she shared her passion for Intraoral Massage. As it happens, I had been experiencing popping and tightness in my jaw for months that was keeping me awake at night. When I went in for my appointment Jessica was kind and thorough, listening to my problems and showing me exactly what it was we would be doing. When I left her office I felt so cared for and my jaw wasn't popping anymore! I would highly recommend Jessica. Quotes

Quotes I got a massage from Jessica Mascher after stepping up my aerial training regimen, and WOW, did it ever make a difference! She found and relieved tension in muscles I didn't even realize existed and left me feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the gym! Jessica is professional, amazingly skilled, and thorough in both finding out and addressing individual massage needs. She creates a secure, and relaxing environment with grace and warmth. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Quotes
Everything feels amazing!

Quotes Jessica is an excellent massage therapist! She really takes the time to understand your health concerns and issues and customizes her treatment to provide you with the maximum benefit. She is very knowledgeable and I like that she offers explanations as to why she performs different techniques and how they will be a benefit to me. She even provides "homework" to help you keep feeling your best. Finally, Jess is also incredibly kind and creates a wonderful relaxing and caring atmosphere. Quotes
Happy client!

Quotes With my job comes a few physical challenges but mostly emotional, stress. Jessica not only tackled each muscle that was contributing to what I was dealing with but she also was professional and calming which allowed me to relax fully. I would highly recommend Jessica for a massage wether your in chronic pain, acute pain or just need some you time!! Quotes
Chelsea Moe
Relaxed business owner

Quotes I had a great experience with Jessica's massage. I came away with less pain and helpful advice about how to lessen the return of the pain between massages. Excellent! Quotes
Mary Anne

Quotes I had an amazing experience with Jessica. It was my first oral massage and it was great! I had no idea how much tension there really was. She was so sweet, acclimating and really made the experience top notch. Good therapists are hard to find and she's a if I only lived in Seattle I would be a very happy lady! Thanks so much Jessica! I'll be back next time I am in Seattle FOR SURE! Quotes
Very satisfied momma

Quotes It is rare that I find a person able to give me the pressure I want, and coupled with her intuition about the knots and pain, make me a happy customer. I always feel truly great after a session. My wife, as well, is so happy with Jessica. Quotes
Happy customer!