Jessica Mascher LMT & Doula  


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I approach my work with a very holistic perspective. What lead me into a career in body work is the belief that people need to be cared for their entire being, not just what "hurts." My touch is very intuitive, slow, and focused. I work superficial to deep, while always staying within your comfort zone. It is my believe that if you cannot breath steadily through a stroke then it is too deep. Massage should not take your breath away! I provide extra attention to the areas of the body that need it, while still addressing the surrounding areas with the intention of attaining balance throughout the entire body.

I did my training at Cortiva Institute of Massage in Seattle, WA. I provide relaxation, treatment, deep tissue, pre and postnatal, and intraoral massage. I specialize in pain and discomfort in the upper cervical spine (neck), headaches, head tension, and jaw pain (treated through intraoral massage).

Expect homework! Our work as massage therapists has more long-lasting results when the client is willing to do their homework. I provide my clients with suggestions of stretches, various heat therapies, and lifestyle considerations that I believe could assist in bringing the relief you are looking for

Rates and Specials:

*First time clients receive $15 off your massage! This applies to any listed massage service, but is not applied to in-home massage.

30 Minute= $45

60 Minute= $75

90 Minute= $100

120 Minute= $130

Hot Stone Add-On= +$20

Coconut Sugar Foot Scrub= +$6

In-Home Travel Free= $25 ($30 if 30+ miles away from downtown Seattle)


"Friendly and personable, skilled at pinpointing issues and resolving them."   - Madison

"Thorough, deep, very confident."  -Tristan

"Specific work on left shoulder blade, imparting knowledge about why those muscles are tight, and what I can do about it."  -Sean

"I appreciated how Jess paid attention to how my body was responding to the treatment."  -Jeffrey